Call of Duty XP Kicks Off Today, Fans Gather

Hardcore fans of the Call of Duty franchise are being called for duty in Activision’s first annual Call of Duty XP, a convention for fans which begins today in Los Angeles, CA. The show began with a presentation by Activision’s CEO which was highlighted by the debut of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s  multiplayer mode.

Beyond the presentation, attendees will have a chance to participate in a plethora of activities including a paintball match in a life-size replica of the Scrapyard level, a speed-run through MW2’s The Pit training sequence, zip lining and jeep rides. There will also be a multiplayer competition going on live with a $1 million cash prize on the line.

The price of admission to Call of Duty XP was a somewhat steep $150, however, all the proceeds will go to a charitable cause.


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