Call of Duty: Ghosts gets a dynamic pre-order map

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In a move that hopefully works out more smoothly than Nuketown, Activision is offering up a free downloadable bonus map with pre-order of their upcoming shooter Call of Duty: Ghosts.  The map is entitled “Free Fall” and is a dynamic map.  Let’s get the scoop on how the environment will change as you play, as well as a quick description from Mark Rubin, executive Producer at Infinity Ward on how it will affect gameplay:

As an example of just one of Call of Duty: Ghosts’ new dynamic map events, Free Fall drops players into a shattered skyscraper on the brink of collapse. Sideways staircases climb into the night sky, elevator shafts run along the ground, and what were once windows now form a terrifying glass floor, hundreds of feet above the city streets. Free Falls close-quarters combat and frenetic action are then thrown into overdrive as the ruined skyscraper continues to fall throughout the match. With every drop, the accompanying shockwaves cause further destruction, disrupting sightlines and constantly evolving paths and chokepoints as the map changes in real-time.

“Dynamic map events change the way players approach the game, and Free Fall does a great job illustrating this new mechanic. As the match progresses, the geometry of the world continues to change and players need to adjust on the fly or else. It’s a really fun new feature that adds layers of strategy and constantly evolving gameplay options for players. And this is just one of the many new approaches we’re putting into Ghosts’ multiplayer across the board. There’s so much more that we look forward to sharing in the weeks to come.”

I asked my dog Loki what he thought about the new map.  He raised his ears and said “Grrrr, woof woof, grrr woof!”.   He also stated that the game is headed to shelves on November 5th for current-gen platforms, and will hit on Xbox One and PS4 when those platforms launch at some point in November for the PS4 and…uh….at some point during the holiday for Xbox One.  Seriously guys, give us a release date for the boxes please?   Before you run off, we’ve got an overhead concept art piece that will show you what to expect from the map.   I predict explosions.

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