Bwaahck into action- Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle DLC Pack #1 now available

Back in August, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle surprised Nintendo Switch owners everywhere with its fun, cute, and charming turn-based strategy gameplay and Rabbids humor. When the game was released, Ubisoft announced a $20 Season Pass available for the game. Now, we’re finally seeing some of what’s included in that pack.

Here is what is included in the first DLC Pack:

  • 8 Ultra Hard challenges hidden within the game’s Secret Chapters
  • New co-op campaign composed of 5 exclusive co-op maps containing Chain Chomps, Tornadoes, Boos and Pyroclasts.

This first DLC pack can be bought separately from the Season Pass for $6.99 if players do not wish to commit to other DLC packs. If you’d like to see our thoughts on Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, check out our review.

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