Bungie’s latest ‘mail sack’ talks about Destiny


After the exciting PS4 announcement took place, people have been wondering about Bungie’s new game, Destiny. While not a lot of information is allowed to be given to the general public, this edition of Bungie’s “mail sack” talks about a few pieces of information that’s allowed to be known.

It is revealed that those who pre-order the game may receive one out of three benefits, of which you can read about here:

There are three pre-order incentives currently available at select, participating retailers.

  1. There’s a two-sided poster available at GameStop and EB Games Canada featuring artwork of the Traveler over Earth on one side, and the Fallen on the other.
  2. Select retailers outside of the US also have the Traveler art, but the B-side is occupied by the Cabal.
  3. If you pre-order through, they’re currently offering a digital wallpaper featuring the Destiny logo and the inky, black starfield backdrop you’re probably well familiar with.

We also find out that the game features nearly an hour of orchestral music. Meanwhile, other information, such as a release date can not be mentioned at the present moment. We also get a nice summary on the game:

If you remember anything about Destiny coming out of our reveal, remember these three things:

1. Destiny is an action game set in an amazing and mysterious new universe. If you love first person shooters – if you enjoy Bungie action games – then you’re going to love Destiny.

2. Players are the center of our world. You create a character, and you grow and customize it over time.

3. Destiny is designed from the ground up to be better when you play it with your friends. You can have solitary cinematic experiences, but Destiny is built from the ground up to be cooperative.

More information can be found in the mail sack itself, seen here.

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