Browser-based MMO City of Steam gets big update

cityofsteam1The steampunk-inspired fantasy MMO City of Steam  just got a fairly big update bringing back two races, adding a class, and reworking the world map.  I gave City of Steam a go a few months back, while it was in closed beta, and while MMOs aren’t really my thing, I was fairly impressed considering the RPG was running in my browser.

A full list if the updates includes:

  • Raised Level Cap: 38
  • Channeler (making its glorious return)
  • Greenskins and Dwarves (also making their triumphant return)
  • New Suburb: Founder’s Annex
  • New Crafting System: Kiln
  • New Event: Siege of the Spire (finally!)
  • New Cosmetic Items
  • New Collection System
  • Items on the ground now have tooltips
  • Completely reworked World Map

If you’re looking for a way to kill your time, you can probably do worse than than City of Steam.

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