Breath of the Wild’s first DLC, “The Master Trials” gets a release date, second DLC named

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The first DLC for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has finally received a release date in a new trailer shown during Nintendo’s E3 Spotlight presentation. During the trailer, we are giving an in depth look at what’s offered in the first DLC pack. The first DLC, “The Master Trials” will include “The Trial of the Sword,” which is a gauntlet of 45 different rooms separated into 3 different sets. At the start of the trials, Link will start out without any equipment and must earn it as he goes on.

Also added to “The Master Trials” is “Hero’s Path” mode, a mode that shows your path during the previous 200 hours of the game, new costumes to find, and “Master Mode,” a harder version of the game with its own save file. In “Master Mode,” enemies are one level higher and regenerate their health. Instead of silver enemies being the toughest you can encounter, gold enemies reign king. Good luck taking down that Golden Lynel, hero. “The Master Trials” will be released on June 30th, 2017

Not much is known about the second DLC pack, but it will called “The Champion’s Ballad” and have additional challenges and at least 1 new dungeon. The Champion’s Ballad is expected to be released this holiday season.

As a reminder, both “The Master Trials” and “The Champion’s Ballad” are covered by the expansion pass available now.

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