Brawlout gets a piñata unlockable system for Nintendo Switch today, performance patch incoming (update)

Update (12:25 PM EST): We had originally reported that the Switch version of Brawlout would have a day one performance patch: We have been informed that the patch is currently not available, but will be done soon. We apologize for the error.

Get ready for your Smash-like fix today, as Angry Mob Games has announced the release of its fighting game Brawlout for Nintendo Switch. The game, originally released on PC, will also have an update that addresses performance issues some time in the future.

Brawlout is a fast-paced, aggressive, party platform-fighter that is available in both local couch and online play modes. Blending platform fighter mechanics and traditional fighting gameplay, Brawlout does away with blocking to encourage fast-paced melee over slow-paced defensive battles. Brawlout goes all-out with its lightning-fast aerobatics with features like wavedashing, a free-form combat system, and a Rage Meter that levels the playing field the more damage you take!

With six original characters, 16 character variants with their own movesets & visuals, and the inclusion of two popular indie guests in the form of the Hyper Light Drifter and Juan from Guacamelee!, Brawlout is as stylish as it is fun! From grappling to long range weapon options, there is a character for all fighting game aficionados.

Whether players are looking for a casual couch experience with friends, or to challenge pros in worldwide online tournaments, Brawlout caters to anyone looking to create a little chaos!

With its release, Brawlout has announced their new Pinata reward system to unlock alternate skins, taunts, combo effects, death effects, stage variations, and more! No micro-transactions necessary; everything is available through regular play by earning gems! If players are looking to grab this extra content even faster, they can jump into online matches to acquire gems at an accelerated rate!

Our review will be released soon, but it is great to note that the in-game piñatas will not rely on microtransactions, and you can unlock fighters and items a sufficient pace. Stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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