Brave New World Expansion Pack Coming for Civilization V

civ v logoEarlier today, Firaxis and 2K games announced what promises to be a delightful addition to the Civ V collection, Brave New World, which looks to build on the success of last year’s hugely popular expansion Gods and Kings.

The Sid Meier’s franchise has, of course, revolutionized the way we think about turn-based strategy, and there’s no reason to think that the expansion will indicate any loss of steam or lack of creativity. The screens released for the new game look decent, and the enhanced diplomacy and culture mechanics will be sure to please the long-time devotee. Prepare for the new concept of international trade routes, along with the World Congress, a legislative body made up of all the world leaders to pass sanctions on countries and play at politics, which will tie in closely with your chances of winning the game. Let me tell you, that crazy Casimir of Poland will not be amused by your war-mongering antics. You hooligan.

Speaking of world leaders, you’ll get nine new ones, which personally for me is one of the most enjoyable parts of the series. Having a whole new host of personalities to navigate will undoubtedly add a substantial layer of icing to an already-delicious cake. Each new civilization will of course come packaged with dozens of new units, buildings, and neurotic personality traits, which is just one of the many reasons why the series’ formula has worked so well over the years.

For a war games enthusiast such as myself, the two new scenarios look particularly juicy, including “American Civil War”, giving players the chance to duel against the Union or the Confederacy, fighting in and around the cities of Richmond and Washington. Then there’s “Scramble for Africa,” which sounds basically like a Heart of Darkness-esque adventure that may lead to a complete loss of sanity in at least one of the participating nations. You’ll get to hunt for multiple new wonders of the world, and explore a continent that will test the limits of your colonial prowess.

There’s essentially no chance that this add-on will be anything but wondrous and exciting when it hits the shelves this Summer. Get ready to sink your teeth in, as there is absolutely no sign of this legacy going stale.


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