Borderlands 2 Seals The Deal On PC

How do you, personally, choose one platform over another?  Achievements and trophies?  The multiplayer community?  Modability?  For me, save game imports are a huge consideration, so when I heard about the unlockables I’d get for showing Borderlands 2 my original saves, I was fully intent on sticking with the 360 version.

This video stops that plan dead in its tracks.



It’s true all this lovely PhysX debris doesn’t directly impact game play, but then again, neither do high definition textures or anisotropic filtering and I sure like the visual improvements they bring to the table.  Now, if I can just convince my old Borderlands crew to follow me over to the keyboard and mouse side of things….

Borderlands 2 will release for the 360, PS3, and PC on September 18th.


h/t: on YouTube

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