Book of Demons combines RPG and card battling on PC/ XBox One

If Action RPGs are your thing, then I might have a little something for you. Coming courtesy of developer Thing Trunk is a papercraft ARPG called Book of Demons that looks to put an entirely new twist on the genre: a card system. As players plumb the depth of highly-customizable dungeons they will collect, upgrade, and combine skill cards into combat decks they will then unleash on their foes. Part tactical, part RPG, part hack-and-slash, Book of Demons looks like it’ll give us an entirely new way to dungeon dive and loot-collect.

Beyond the card battling action combo comes a second feature — customization of mission length. If you have only five minutes to play, or want to embark on a dungeon nearly an hour long, the game will scale accordingly. We’ll have to see how that system, dubbed “Flexiscope” by the developers, plays out in practice, but the team promises the game’s intensity remains the same regardless of length.

Book of Demons puts players in charge of one of 3 characters taking part in an epic, but humorous quest to save Paperverse from total destruction. While the game facilitates the player in every possible way, the quest itself surely is not a piece of cake. To defend the world from ultimate devilry, players will have to explore procedurally generated dungeons, confront over 70 monster species and fight a brigade of evil bosses, including the nasty Archdemon. If someone wants to hang out in the catacombs a bit longer, well, of course he can – there’s a Freeplay mode where players can master their favorite quests and rise to the challenge by completing the game on higher difficulty levels.

The game doesn’t have a release date yet, but it has been announced as a PC title via Steam, and a console exclusive on Xbox One. Pre-ordering the game nips 5 bucks off the price on the PC. Check out the trailer, and snap it up here, if papercraft ARPGs are your thing.

ARPG, Card Battling and Papercraft.

ARPG, Card Battling and Papercraft.


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