“Xbox, snap crackle, pop!” Stereo Headset Adapter comes with hiss, too.

We’re less than 48 hours to Titanfall, and Microsoft is pushing hard to get their system ready for the users. Recently announced peripheral hardware has been released, including both the Xbox One Stereo Headset  and the standalone Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter. Both come with the incredibly convenient adapter, however everything isn’t all rosy.

While working on a review article for said devices, I ran into two major issues. One, a constant hiss when any headphones are connected to the adapter. The second being a crackle that follows the sound effects while moving around the main Xbox One interface. I spent a lot of time testing to make sure I wasn’t simply experiencing two different adapters with a defect.

What did Microsoft’s support team have to say?  Apparently the Stereo Headset Adapter is an emerging issue, and that they are currently collecting information and MS Engineers are working on a fix, and that they’d be contacting affected users with a fix once one has been determined.

While I’d still recommend the adapter as it fills a few key gaps, these two issues are worth noting. We will have a writeup shortly. Stay tuned!

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