Bob Dylan comes to Rocksmith 2014

Ubisoft announced that this week we are treated to the…let’s go with “dulcet” tones of Bob Dylan for Rocksmith 2014.  What are we getting?  Well, I can tell you it’s not “Everybody must get stoned”.   Here we go:

Songs included in this 3-song pack are “Like A Rolling Stone,” “Just Like A Woman” and “Subterranean Homesick Blues.”

Individual songs are available for $2.99 or the complete 3-song pack for $7.99.

I’m not a huge Dylan fan, so I’ve not listened to his guitar work.   Who knows, maybe I’ll be surprised?   You can check out the songs in motion, as well as a screenshot for each.   Now I’m off to fight with Youtube as they tell me (as they do every week) that I don’t have the rights to post this video.

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