Blizzcon: WoW Annual Subscribers get Free Diablo III, Beta Access, Flying Mount – Limited Time Offer

Straight out of Blizzcon comes some extremely welcome news for you guys who play World of Warcraft year to year! How would you like to get Diablo III for free? What about guaranteed beta access for the next WoW expansion? How about both of these things, AND a flying mount? Well, for a limited time, if you sign up for an annual subscription to World of Warcraft – which you can choose to pay monthly at the usual rate – you will get all these things. I know guys who have been paying for this game over five years and counting, so for those of you who know you won’t be quitting WoW anytime soon this is a no-brainer. I currently have a lapsed subscription and even I’m half tempted!

Whether you want to sign up for the deal already or just want to learn more, you can head on over to the promotional page for the FAQ and the enrollment option. Again, note that this is supposed to be a limited time offer rather than a permanent one, so keep that in mind. We’ll be keeping you posting as more news comes out of Blizzcon!

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