Blizzcon! Blizzard DOTA Trailer, Details Unleashed

Yet more news from the nexus of fun that is Blizzcon! We have here a trailer for the upcoming Blizzard DOTA game, and it seems to take an appropriately light-hearted attitude towards this mix-up of Blizzard characters. Honestly, the whole thing gives off a Laff-a-Lympics vibe to me – and that’s a good thing. It’s nice to see a big company willing to have a sense of humor with their characters. More than that, the game actually looks like it could be fun. And it may well be… free? Somewhat free? Free-to-play the way League of Legends is? Check inside to find out more!

The “free” part of Blizzard DOTA is still being planned, apparently. The FAQ mentions “Currently we plan to offer a way to play Blizzard DOTA for free, possibly by including it as part of the StarCraft II: Starter Edition. However, we have not yet determined what type of content restrictions would be placed on those playing for free.” So the smart money is that they’re going to set this up in a way roughly similar to League of Legends: Free base game, with potentially purchasable added content. While the monetary details remain to be hammered out, the trailer gives a nice sample of what we can expect from the game itself. Starcraft II Ghosts facing off against Thrall? This will be one to watch for you DOTA fans who also love some World of Warcraft action now and then.


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