Blizzcon 2013 tickets now on sale


You legions of Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo fans, take note! Blizzcon tickets are now on sale. As always, it’s best to act fast if you want to attend this convention, as these have of habit of selling out rapidly. A second batch will be sold on April 27th at 10am PDT, with 500$ dollar charity dinner tickets going up for grabs May 1st at 7pm PDT. The standard tickets cost 175$, but I’ve always heard from people who’ve hit this con that there’s a whole lot of fun to be had – along with some game incentives, of course.

Those of you looking to buy virtual tickets will still have to wait – information on those is forthcoming. If you’re curious about the charity side of things, note that the 500 buck tickets are going to benefit the Children’s Hospital of Orange County – as worthy a charity as I could think of. Always nice to see some good deeds done in the name of popular gaming.

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