Bleach: Soul Resurreccion Bonuses Announced

Bleach: Soul Resurreccion

You would have thought that we would have more games based on the Bleach series.  It’s a natural setting for a fighting game.  There have been a couple of games for the DS as well as a Wii title, but none of those games explored the setting behind Bleach.  Now Bleach: Soul Resurreccion for the PS3 is coming out thanks to the folks at NIS America, and they have announced a couple of bonuses with the game.

NIS America, Inc. is proud to announce that the initial launch of Bleach: Soul Resurrección will come with 3 downloadable anime episodes of BLEACH (episodes 190‐192) from PlayStation®Network. Also, the game will support dual‐audio voices, meaning it will have both full English and Japanese voiceover tracks. The voiceover language can be changed through the options menu.

Those who like to watch the anime in the original voices should be happy with this, as well as the fact that they’ll be able to download some episodes as well.  Take a look at these screens to see how good the game looks.

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