Blazing, bursting bullets – R-COIL to be released this February

Recently funded on Kickstarter earlier this year, viTekiM has announced a February release date for the upcoming shooter R-COIL. The retro-inspired PC game will be released on Steam and will feature music from Rainbow Kitten as well as local co-op and duel modes.

R-COIL is an old-fashioned multi-directional shooter with a unique single button control scheme. Use the stick to aim and a single button to fire and thrust. Tap to fire. Hold to thrust. Each time you fire your bullet will push you back a little. You’ll have to balance shooting and thrusting to maintain control. Once you master it you’ll be cruising through the cosmos like a space boss in no time. Just try not to get yourself killed.

Easy right? Wrong! This is not the friendly part of space and whatever you run into isn’t going to be happy to see you. There are shielded sharpshooting saucers, bullet spewing spinners, laser towers, and kamikaze buzz-saws to name a few. In fact, if it’s not a rock, you’re probably going to have to try to kill it before it kills you.

The one-button mechanic feels pretty innovative considering twitch-reflexes required of the genre, and you can check out more of R-COIL with the trailer above. Stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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