Bioware Taunts Us With Video Of The Voidstar Warzone

We get it, Bioware.  We really do.  You’ve got this great MMO coming out in just under two months, and we’re all very (im)patiently waiting for it to launch, so we can take over the worlds with our Jedi, our Sith, our smugglers and our bounty hunters.  We hear the music in our heads and see the incredibly gorgeous trailers when we close our eyes.

Seriously, guys.  Do you have to taunt us with yet another trailer full of visual loveliness, this time showing off the Voidstar Warzone, where Empire and Republic players will fight over the tech from the long-lost Voidstar warship?  Do you have to show us how the Warzone plays out, complete with in-game footage?  It really isn’t fair, you know.  You’re taunting us with our Christmas wishes, and all we can do is sit here….and watch.

Of course, Star Wars:  The Old Republic launches on Windows PCs on December 20, 2011, just in time for one of the best Christmases in recent gaming history.

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