Bioshock Infinite Delayed to March 26th

I knew it was too good to be true — a release date for the highly anticipated Bioshock Infinite was announced a few months ago, but like the ever-elusive Elizabeth, it looks like it’s just out of reach of its original February release date by about a month. Ken Levine broke the news at a recent press event where journalists were given their first true hands-on look at the game. According to Polygon:

Irrational Games’ BioShock Infinite won’t make its previously scheduled Feb 26, 2013, release date, the game’s creative director announced earlier this week. Citing the need for extra time to polish the ambitious first-person shooter, Ken Levine says the game will arrive four weeks later on March 26.

Levine announced the delay at an event in Beverly Hills earlier this week, saying that Irrational’s recently hired executive vice president of development, Rod Fergusson — who left Epic Games this summer — identified a need for extra development time for Infinite shortly after joining the company.

I’m all for pushing things back if it means a better game. The development of the ambitious first person shooter has not been entirely smooth, with several key staff leaving mid-way through development, so any extra time to work out the kinks is great. Besides, February was a bit packed anyway. Bioshock Infinite will (hopefully) be on store shelves March 26th on Xbox 360, PC and PS3. PS3 owners can expect some exclusive bonuses: a copy of the original Bioshock, along with Playstation Move support.

Source: Polygon

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