Bethesda announces first-ever E3 conference

You might have heard of Bethesda.  They are a little company out of Bethesda, Maryland that has released games such as The Elder Scrolls series (over 30 million copies sold, worldwide), The Elder Scrolls Online (just clicked past 750,000 active subscribers and is ready to release on current-gen consoles this Spring), Dishonored (460k units sold in its first month alone), Fallout 3 (nearly 5 million sold), Fallout: New Vegas (over 5 million sold), and The Evil Within (818k its first week) and that’s just their recent hits.  Suffice it to say, they have a lot to be very happy about.   Well, today we received word that they will be hosting their first-ever E3 conference on Sunday, June 14th.   Speculation and rumor have begun to swirl like a vortex.

Bethesda 2

Fallout 4?  A new Elder Scrolls game?  Dishonored 2?   A new Doom or Quake title?  The return of Prey 2?  A new Terminator game for Terminator Genesys?  Something completely new?

We will absolutely be in attendance, so stay tuned for all of the details on Wet 2 and Rogue Warrior 2!  Just kidding…

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