Beans: The Coffee Shop Simulator launches July 1st

Get your resumes ready, because your managerial experience will be required in the humorous, pixel art simulation game, Beans: The Coffee Shop. Available in the Steam store July 1st, this Kickstarter funded game by Whitethorn Digital challenges you to prove yourself as an exceptional business mogul and win the inheritance of the Coffeebottom Estate… if you can survive the competition. Check out the launch trailer below, or get more information at their Steam Store Page.

Beans: The Coffee Simulator - Launch Trailer

Features include:

  • Coffee Shop Simulation Fun!
  • Manage a restaurant with as much, or as little screaming as you like!
  • Buy and place over 200 pieces of furniture and decor, you crazy interior decorator, you.
  • Hire, train, and subsequently abuse employees!
  • Invest in over 50 caffeine-pumping appliances to give people their fix!
  • Experiment and research over 200 recipes that will whet your appetite or turn your stomach!
  • Host events and watch your employees’ sanity etch away with every passing moment!
  • Build your brand by opening new stores in new strategic locations!
  • Follow a fun story of greed, betrayal, murder, redemption, and above all coffee!
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