Battlefield 4 China Rising hits for Premium members

The team at EA has announced that Battlefield 4 China Rising, the first DLC for the recently-released title, is available for those who sprung for the Premium Edition.  The game provides four new maps, as well as the Air Superiority gameplay mode.  Let’s pop this open and see what’s new:

Battlefield 4 China Rising introduces four massive new maps including:

  • Silk Road: Storm giant sand dunes and rocky cliffs in this massive map.
  • Altai Range: Engage across land and air while fighting for control of the mountains.
  • Guilin Peaks: Take on the enemy in close quarter combat inside tight-knit caves amidst the iconic peaks of Guilin.
  • Dragon Pass: Bring the fight to Dragon Pass, a re-imagining of the classic Battlefield 2™ map Dragon Valley, adding new naval vehicles to help traverse its forking rivers and islands.

The Battlefield 4 China Rising expansion pack also adds Air Superiority game mode for focused aerial combat as well as two new vehicles including the return of dirt bikes. Battlefield 4 China Rising will deliver new weapons, gadgets, assignments, and the new Proxy Attack ability in Commander Mode.

This content will be available as a purchase for non-Premium members on December 17th for $14.99.  Check out the trailer above to see it all in motion.

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