Battleborn gets second free character — Pendles

Are you ready for the next warrior in the free post-launch updates for Battleborn? Well, get ready for Pendles, the cold blooded (but very happy-go-lucky) bipedal snake. Using dual kamas, throwing stars, a miasma poison cloud, cloaking, poison, and smoke bombs, this assassin looks like he’ll frustrate larger and slower characters.

There are three more free DLC heroes in the works, including Earnest, the 28th Battleborn! Earnest lives by three ideals: Honor, duty, and explosions! Sporting a grenade launcher and a proficiency for tactful detonation, Ernest is a defensive mastermind with a strong devotion to protecting his allies, who joined up with the Peacekeepers to put his demolition prowess in service of the universe. Get a look at Earnest and learn more about his gameplay and release timing in the official blog post announcement linked below.

For more information on Pendles and his abilities, as well as a look at Earnest, please see the official blog post here

Pendles is the second of five free post-launch characters that you can download right about….now!

You can read our review right here (hint: we liked it a lot!).   Battleboarn is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.


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