Battle for Graxia shutting down on June 27


For those of you who have been planning on giving MOBA style game Battle for Graxia a try, you may want to pencil it into your schedule sooner rather than later: word has come from the game’s official forums that the title is going to be going offline permanently as of June 27th. No detailed reasons were cited, but given the recent glut of this style of game, along with the perpetual dominance of League of Legends within the genre, it’s not hard to imagine why it’s come to this. Anyone who has previously paid for some of Graxia’s in-game currency can expect some bonus currency as a sign of gratitude from the game’s developers – theirs to enjoy before the plug is pulled.

The real surprise here is the speed with which Battle of Graxia has been pulled – while it was closely built upon its predecessor Rise of Immortals, Graxia itself has been around for barely two months officially. Having never gotten into Graxia, I can’t say I’m going to miss it – but it’s always a shame to see a game fail like this. Here’s hoping the guys at Petroglyph Games follow up with something more popular, and that those who have invested time and/or money in this game don’t feel too badly burnt. For those of you wishing to see and take part in the official announcement thread for Graxia’s closing, have at it.

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