Battle Chasers: Nightwar coming to Switch soon, gameplay tweaks available at launch

Today, project backers for Battle Chasers: Nightwar received an update that includes information on the upcoming Nintendo Switch release as well as future tweaks to gameplay to address some of the common known issues.

According to Airship Syndicate, the Switch build of the game is expected to be completed very soon. When this happens, it will go through THQNordic QA testing to prepare for submission. Afterwards, it’ll go to Nintendo for certification which could take around 10 days. After the certification process is completed and the game is approved, it can take six weeks for the game to be released after manufacturing, but both physical and digital will be released on the same day.

There are plenty of tweaks and polish items that will be ready for the Switch version of the game. These include:

  • More tweaking to the difficulty curve to cut down grinding.
  • Removal of level requirements on items.
  • Increase in the difficulty for NG+.
  • Early game will be made slightly more challenging.
  • Elite creatures will be rebalanced to take a look at difficulty spikes.
  • Gold loss upon death will be more balanced including losing less when you need gold and losing more when you have gold to spare.

There will be more tweaks made in time for the launch of the Switch version. Curious to see what we thought about Battle Chasers: Nightwar? Check out our review here. The Nintendo Switch version of Battle Chasers: Nightwar will be available in early 2018. For more information on the game or to keep up with more updates, visit the Airship Syndicate Community.


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