Batten Down the Hatches With a New Assassin’s Creed III Naval Battle Trailer – With Commentary!

Anybody who has visited this site in the past few weeks probably knows that I’m frothing at the mouth to get my hands on the new Assassin’s Creed game, and I’m voraciously consuming any and all media I can get my hands on to find out as much of the game as I can (without spoilers!). Well, I’m pleased to show you a new trailer we have, which has creative director Alex Hutchinson going into more detail about the mechanics of ship-to-ship combat. Showing off the dynamic weather system, the different weaponry available for your ships, and the different obstacles and objectives to deal with. Based on what I’ve seen, this addition to the combat and exploration systems in the franchise is looking absolutely stellar, and I cannot wait to sink my teeth into the game in a few months. Take a look at the video for yourself, and look for Assassin’s Creed III to cast off on Xbox 360 and PS3 October 30th, and on PC November 20th.

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