Back to the Future: The Game Arrives on Wii, PS3

Unless something major happens real soon, the year 2015 is barely going to have any flying cars or self-lacing shoes at all.  We can argue about which secret, global conspiracy group is preventing us from having nice things all day long — and I do, every single day — but one company nobody blames is Telltale Games.  They’re keeping the dream alive with Back to the Future: The Game, a point-and-click adventure game debuting today for the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3.

In Back to the Future: The Game, players will travel through time as Marty McFly and play in a cinematic adventure true to the films. Back to the Future: The Game features a new storyline by original film series co-creator, screenwriter and producer Bob Gale along with the vocal talents of original movie cast members Christopher Lloyd (‘Doc’ Brown) and Claudia Wells (Jennifer Parker), with special cameo appearances by the one and only Michael J. Fox. It also introduces the spookily-accurate voice talent of A.J. LoCascio as Marty McFly.

Boy, they’re not kidding!  Press releases can be filled with fluff and hyperbole, but LoCascio’s channeling of Marty McFly must be heard to be believed. 

Back to the Future: The Game was originally released for the PC in five separate parts beginning late last year.  This bundle of the complete set is now available on consoles for the first time for a recommended price of $19.99.

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