Awesomenauts Leon Chameleon Trailer

War.  War never changes.  Except for the invisible French assassin chameleons and their strangling tongue attacks.  No one really saw those coming.  By the time the first colonies fell, it was already too awesome.

Leon Chameleon is one such assassin.  Actually, considering all the robotic replicants he can seed across the side-scrolling multiplayer battle arenas of Awesomenauts, he might be the only such assassin.  His back story is certainly one of a kind:

Leon’s life is one filled with crime, women, and borrowing without returning. He lost his arm in an unfortunate jeu de boules incident, and spends most of his time smoothly escaping debt collectors. He soon finds himself becoming the most wanted criminal on the planet after accidentally breaking into the bedroom of the prime minister’s wife (while looking for the wine cellar). Knowing that no amount of charm could save him this time, he planned his escape from the system. This daring plan was eventually delayed because he refused to escape in anything else but a space yacht.

Check out the full five-minute gameplay trailer below to see Leon Chameleon’s cloaking, back-stabbing, tongue-grappling moves in action, and keep an eye out for more Awesomenauts character spotlights as we get them!

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