Awesomenauts goes free for a week, available for 50% off


Popular side-scrolling multiplayer team combat game Awesomenauts is offering a free trial of sorts on Steam right now, giving players one week to try out the game and see if they catch the coordinated ass-kicking bug. For those of you haven’t given this one a spin before, the quick summary is: League of Legends, but 2D, only 2 lanes, and 3 versus 3. Also the community is a bit more pleasant – unless you do really, really bad.

I give this one a shot every now and then with friends, and it’s an extremely well-crafted game with a very active playerbase. If it turns out to be the sort of game you want to play, you can pick it up for 50% off. Those of you who already own it, keep in mind that skins are 50% off as well (save for the recently released Admiral Swiggins) – so it’s a great time to customize your Awesomenaut a little bit.

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