Austin’s Juegos Rancheros will host Tearaway and LittleBigPlanet creators Media Molecule this March 7th


For you indie devs (or fans of indie games) in the Austin, Texas area, here’s an event you may want to set aside time for. Austin indie game developer collective Juegos Rancheros will be hosting Media Molecule this March 7th in an event that’s free and open to the public. Media Molecule will be showing off the results of their company’s own “internal game jam”, giving a talk about the jam process in general, along with a look an upcoming indie game SoundSelf which “combines your own voice with evolving fractal graphics and mind-altering auditory feedback”. Sounds like one hell of a time. Also, there will be dancing!

More information can be picked up at the Juegos Rancheros site itself, and this sounds like a great opportunity for indie devs and indie fans alike to see some truly creative people sharing their thoughts about game development and creativity in general. If anyone reading out there checks it out, let us know! I’d go myself, but unfortunately I’m in northeast Pennsylvania – so I have to wait for the Amish to start indie game jams out here in coal country.

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