Assassin’s Creed Cinematic Trailer

It’s a common misconception that the invention of gunpowder changed the face of war overnight.  In fact, it took years: an incremental, laborious process in which men struggled to learn how best to harness its power, how to craft mechanisms and projectiles that could shape a small explosion into a personal weapon, and how to preserve their discoveries in the event that some dude in white showed up and rammed them in the skull with a hatchet.

As the redcoats in this sizzling new CGI trailer for Assassin’s Creed III discover, the gunsmiths of the Revolutionary War era had some improvements left to make.



Assassin’s Creed III will be available for the 360, PS3, PC on October 30th.  Customers who preorder the game at GameStop will also receive a bonus weapon, the Sawtooth sword, and an additional single player mission in the Lost Mayan Ruins.

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