Ascension Online and for Android launches on Kickstarter

Ascension Immortal Heroes

If you have played Ascension on the iOS, you know what a great experience it is.  It plays very quickly, and doesn’t cost much for the expansion.  However, Android users have never gotten a chance to experience the game.  That doesn’t mean that Stone Blade Entertainment hasn’t been thinking about them.  They recently announced a new Kickstarter campaign to help get an in-house development team for this very reason.

Due to the overwhelming demand for Ascension Online and on Android, the team at Stone Blade Entertainment will be launching a short Kickstarter campaign, starting Monday, Feb. 18 – 28, 2013 – to help raise funding for resources to bring in a solely dedicated, in-house team of Ascension programmers to deliver Ascension Online and Android by the end of this year.
New Kickstarter features will include:
  • Ascension Android app (Free-to-play)
  • Ascension Online (Free-to-play)
  • Online Tournaments
  • Single player campaign mode
  • Broader Ascension multiple player and cross-platform play
  • Quicker digital expansions
While making Ascension Online is something Stone Blade Entertainment is committed to do, it’s not something the team currently has the resources to make a reality in the timeline they want and know the fans want. Following the success of Sept. 2012’s Kickstarter for Digital Collecting Game, SolForge, Stone Blade Entertainment will be able to bring in an in-house team dedicated to Android and Ascension Online will enable more updates and innovation, plus the resources to make those platforms happen sooner.
Ascension is one of my favorite card games, whether using real cards or virtual ones.  If you have an iOS device, it would be worthwhile to check it out.  If you have an Android device and play Ascension, I would look at the Kickstarter.  It might be the only way to get the opportunity to play it online, short of buying an iOS device.
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