As the studio lies in repose, fans and friends hold a Vigil of their own on Twitter


When the dust started settling from the THQ auctions earlier today, nobody expected Darksiders developers Vigil Studios to be left out in the cold, especially after a strong showing with their sophomore title just months ago. Fellow in-house shops such as Volition, Inc (Saint’s Row) and Relic Entertainment (Company of Heroes) were hotly contested by the likes of Ubisoft, Sega, and Zenimax, but the scrappy little Austin shop formed by Joe Madureira, David Adams, Marvin Donald and Ryan Stefanelli back in 2005 felt little love and did not appear to be among the studios and properties that changed hands. Within minutes, friends and fans alike took to the net in eulogy;

Reactions ranged from anger:



To a call to arms to save the studio:



Several publishers and studios reaching out to Vigil folks with opportunities:




But some folks seem to think that Vigil just wasn’t part of the day’s proceedings and there may be hope for them yet:


Are @karnagerulz and @ShardShinjuku on to something? Other than an account by Vigil’s Lead Combat Designer there’s not much actual evidence of the studio’s total demise. And while a best case scenario has Vigil living to Darkside another day, the long-term fallout of the THQ dissolution may change them forever.

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