Army Corps of Hell Ships for Vita. Still odd.

Rounding out more of the Vita launch titles, we also have an announcement and video from a SquareEnix-powered title called Army Corps of Hell.  Army Corps of Hell looks like it brings a bit of the old ultraviolence, but here is the official word:

Army Corps of Hell distinguishes itself from the rest of the PS Vita system lineup with its gut-spilling battles, over-the-top humor and heavy metal music. As the King of Hell, players control an army of a hundred goblins of three classes: Soldiers, Magi and Spearmen. Each goblin class has various abilities to defeat a host of enemies to help the King of Hell reclaim his throne. In Army Corps of Hell, players and their friends can take full advantage of the ad-hoc multiplayer system and the unique control features of the PS Vita system to experience war like never before!

Video shows us more of what we want to see, so let’s take a look at that launch trailer:


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