ARMA II Deploys Reinforcements


Bohemia Interactive and publisher Merdian4 have announced that the stand-alone expansion pack for ARMA II is shipping out to retailers.

New features include:

  • Two new full campaigns & numerous co-op single missions;
  • Deploy modern British troops or private military contractors against an ever-increasing threat;
  • Take advantage of new sophisticated weapons, vehicles and aircraft;
  • Two brand new maps with authentic terrain features;
  • Massive online battles for up to 50 players and hundreds of AI units; Boot camp missions, vehicle and weapons training and mod tools to create your own missions and full campaigns to play and share.

Included with the boxed version is Operation Arrowhead, the previous expansion pack with its campaign and one-off missions intact, and a printed map of the territories you’ll be fighting for.  Don’t be thrown off by the addition of “only” two new maps, either.  That might sound like an anemic bullet point in most shooters, but in the sort of hyper-realistic tactical simulator that ARMA II strives for, a single map can stretch for a dozen square kilometers in all directions.

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