Arma 2 Free Public Beta Launched

Fans of highly-detailed multiplayer FPS games will be pleased to know that the Arma 2 Free Public Beta is now underway. For those of you who haven’t played it, Arma 2 bills itself as a “Tactical Shooter”: Think FPS, but with far more attention to realistic detail, and in this case the ability to command and lead a squad of AIs. There’s a lot more to it than that, of course – let’s have a look at some of what this version of the game offers:

Free military simulation – An authentic battlefield simulation,
including bullet ballistics, material penetration and much more.

Free armory – A comprehensive range of 300+ weapons, units and
fully-usable armed or unarmed vehicles across air, land and water

Free unique multiplayer – Multiplayer with large-scale maps for 50+
live players and hundreds of AI units. Supports a wide variety of MP
modes from co-op and PvP modes, to total mayhem!

Free dedicated servers – Both Linux and Windows OS dedicated server
support for users to host freely wherever and however they like even
to play together on the same retail game-servers.

Free creativity – Quick mission templates, a powerful, built-in, easy
to use SP/MP mission editor, and advanced scripting.

Quite a lot of stuff for a free game! Those interested should head on over to the Arma 2: Free website for more details.

Victor Grunn has been a gamer since the days of single-button joysticks and the Atari 800XL. When not lamenting the loss of the Ultima series or setting people on fire in Team Fortress 2, he's an aspiring indie game developer and freelance writer.

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