Ares Games partners with Horrible Games to release English version of CO-MIX

CO-MIX gives up to 10 players the chance to create their own comic stories using combinations of colorful themed-tiles. This game takes a quick wit, but as with almost any party game, an infusion of adult beverages can lubricate the storytelling gears.

In Co-Mix, players craft their stories by laying out several cards to create a full blown comic book page. Up to ten people can join in the fun, playing individually or in teams. Each player chooses the kind of story to tell – noir, horror, adventure, romance, and if it will be funny, scary, exciting, or moving. All players must create the story based on the same title – the best stories are voted by the other players.

The game features a rich and varied set of cards, representing different panels of a comic book. Cards are laid out to create a complete comic book page following the proposed title. Each card shows an inspirational illustration, with a varied set of characters, actions, and settings. When all comic pages are ready, each player or team tells their own story. Then, the stories are voted by the other players, using voting tokens to indicate which story they think is the most original, most exciting, or best composed.

“Co-Mix was the first game published by Horrible Games, and I’m very happy of the good reception it had from both gamers and game developers. The only regret we had about it was that we couldn’t find a way to bring Co-Mix to the USA… until now! We are confident that the partnership with Ares Games will allow our game to achieve its full potential, in the country that helped establish the comics industry we all know and love, and all around the world,”  declared Lorenzo Silva, from Horrible Games.

For more information, visit the Co-Mix page at Horrible Games website and the Ares Games website.

CO-MIX was well-received at the SPIEL ’14 convention. The English version is expected to release in October 2015. No word yet on distribution protocol, but check the publisher’s webistes or Amazon later in the year.

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