Arcane Wonder announces a standalone game system for the Mage Wars universe

Arcane Wonders just announced their upcoming release Mage Wars Academy, a stand-alone gaming system in the Mage Wars universe. Mage Wars Academy will be full compatible with Mage Wars Arena, but it offers a new way to play the game.

Mage Wars® Academy builds on a strong and critically acclaimed foundation that Mage Wars® Arena has seen world wide success with, since it’s launch in 2012.  Having been translated into several languages world wide, Mage Wars® has seen great success with its unique spellbook mechanic, allowing players to have full access to their designed strategies in the game, rather than relying on the luck of the draw as other card games do.

Academy is designed with both new and existing players in mind.  New players will find it the perfect “jumping on point” to the rich and vibrant Mage Wars® universe.  Experienced players will be excited to find new spells that are all compatible with Mage Wars® Arena, offering them new options in their battles.  In addition, both player types will find Academy fast paced, strategic, and portable to take their duels wherever they want!

The Acadmey Core Set is designed as a 2 player set, for ages 14 and up, that plays in roughly 30 minutes with an MSRP of $29.99 USD.  Each set includes everything two players need to being their Mage Duels at Sistarra, the Academy in Sortilege.

More information can be found at

Mage Wars Academy will be available in limited quantities at Gen Con 2015, and it will see a full release between late September and early October.


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