ANTHEM gameplay revealed — Bioware’s new IP

Bioware revealed a full gameplay demo of its newly announced game, ANTHEM, on the Microsoft stage during today’s Xbox E3 press conference. The

The game is a shared-world sci-fi multiplayer game set in a “hostile” and “dynamic” open world filled with enormous monsters and environmental hazards. Players can explore the world together using customizable exo-suits called Javelins, which are capable of Iron Man-like flight and underwater exploration. A variety of Javelin suits will be available to each player, including the Ranger—a “balanced and all-purpose” suit— and the Colossus—a “tanking powerhouse” of a getup.

ANTHEM’s combat appears to be focused on third-person shooting mechanics, and like Bungie’s shared-world shooter, Destiny, weapon loot will function as rewards for completing activities—like blowing up a horde of alien enemies with your suit’s impressive cache of lock-on missiles.

From the look of this conceptual gameplay trailer, players will be able to meet up within the game world seamlessly.

In essence, the game is looking a lot like Destiny with Iron Man suits—and that’s pretty neat.

During today’s press conference, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer stated that Bioware has been working with Microsoft since near the beginning of Xbox One X’s development. The game will, like all Xbox One X games, run at 4K resolution on the new console.

Bioware has yet to give a release window for ANTHEM, though we know it will come to Xbox One and PS4. Microsoft also revealed today its next console, the Xbox One X.


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