Anno 2070 Servers Restored; New Content Detailed for 2012

Have you ever wondered why I can’t access my meticulously crafted Ark upgrades in Anno 2070?  I sure have!  Some of those top-tier modules are major game-changers and when they suddenly evaporate from their slots, there can be drastic consequences.  These persistent perks, along with my blossoming faction rep and the effects of the current global elections are all tied to my Ubisoft online profile, and when their servers went down yesterday, they took it all with them.

Temporarily.  Turns out it was just some necessary maintenance that lasted a little longer than expected.  Everything’s back up and running now, and Ubisoft is giving fans a peek at some of the free content launching early next year.

Second World-Event “Project: Eden“ is coming in 2012
The second world-event “Project: Eden” will start end of January 2012. On behalf of Eden Initiative the awesome genius Josh “the Ghost” Steen has developed prototypes of the new “Former” technology. “Formers” are combined high-performance air and water filtration systems, which will be especially effective against the ongoing pollution of the island worlds. The community of ANNO 2070 players will help the Eden initiative in three new missions to repair faulty “Formers” and help the technology to evolve.

With every mission the challenge will be more difficult and the player will get the chance to earn more rewards. After completing the first mission, you can build your own “Former” and after the second and third missions you will be rewarded with mighty academy formulas for further research on the “Former”-technology.

The announcement on Ubisoft’s official community forums also reveals that the first World Event, the Neo-Skullz Crisis, will be returning early next month so new players can try battling nuke-happy pirates on the high seas.  A new multiplayer mode will also debut sometime in 2012, allowing teams of players to indirectly compete for the best scores across a series of customizable maps.  More details about this Domination mode, along with the other planned events, can be found in our Press Release section below or at the official Ubisoft forums.

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