Anno 2070 Patched To 1.02

If you liked Dawn of Discovery, you should love Anno 2070.  The amount of content to explore is staggering.  I’ve put well over fifty hours into the game so far, enough time to complete the campaign and all the stand-alone single player missions it has available, and there are still dozens of persistent research projects and ark upgrades I haven’t even seen yet.  Not to mention all the optional Achievements, some of which have apparently been fixed as part of today’s 85-meg patch.

Main changes:

  • First Ornamental Buildings for Ecos and Tycoons implemented.
  • Stability and performance improved for several system specs.
  • Unit limit increased.
  • Fixed an issue in the winning screen of several campaign missions.
  • Fixed a severe graphical issue that occurred on Windows XP with graphics cards of the ATI-Radeon-HD 2000 and 3000 series.

The 1.02 patch can be obtained simply by starting the game and logging in to the Ubisoft launcher as normal — the auto-updater should take care of the rest.  Full patch notes can be found thereafter on the game’s main menu, or for the impatient, by clicking on the Press Release button below.

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