Anno 2070: Deep Ocean Dated, Priced

Anno 2070 was such a complete package, with so many technologies to unlock and development strategies to experiment with, it almost feels like an expansion would be too much.  Then again, I also didn’t think James Cameron’s The Abyss could get much better until someone introduced me to the extended Director’s Cut.

Will Russian water tentacles be among the new natural disasters plaguing the undersea complexes in Ubisoft’s forthcoming expansion?  Probably not, but we’ve got all the latest updates on what you can expect to find just after the break!

The focus of Anno 2070 Deep Ocean is a new faction called the Techs. Thanks to the new Genius population class, the Techs are able to expand further into the deep ocean. By experimenting with a new energy source called the Geothermal Power Plant, the player will be able to build massive production facilities below the sea, and may even secure one of mankind’s most important needs: a limitless energy supply! Energy transmitters allow for the transportation of energy between islands, and players can build an impressive new Tech Monument together with new buildings and decorations to make cities even more beautiful.

Deep Ocean will also add over a hundred and fifty new quests, and new cooperative features. Look for it starting October 4th when it arrives via Steam for $29.99.

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