Annihilation Arrives on PC, PS3

Following exactly one month after its debut on the Xbox 360, the latest Call of Duty: Black Ops DLC pack arrives today on the PC and Playstation 3.  The delay caused by these timed exclusivity deals might sting a bit a first, but the bright side is that Annihilation‘s added zombie level and four new competitive maps will have been thoroughly vetted by gamers like you!

“Annihilation delivers four of the best Black Ops multiplayer maps, and a mind blowing new Zombies experience with Shangri La,” said Treyarch Studio Head, Mark Lamia. “With Annihilation, fans are really going to have a lot of fun continuing to play Black Ops online for a long time to come.”

Is Mark Lamia right?  Now your patience can pay off by hitting up our forums’ 40-page Black Ops thread and finding out what all those early adopters have to say!

Oh, and don’t forget that another Double XP Weekend starts tomorrow, July 29th, and runs through the end of Sunday.  The experience boost will be up for all platforms, so you can be rewarded for squaring off against GamingTrend’s elite players no matter which system you prefer.

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