Ampisound brings Mirror’s Edge to the real world

mirror's edgeAre you a fan of Mirror’s Edge? If you’ve played it, you’ve likely drug your friends bodily to the store to make them buy it too. The game was amazing and unlike anything we’d ever seen. Thanks to the folks at EA and EA DICE we are getting a sequel. Well, the folks at Ampisound are clearly big fans as well, and they’ve recreated the first-person magic of Mirror’s Edge in real life. Excited? Watch the video and I bet your heart will be racing…

Throughout our community Parkour videos, there has always been an undertone of videogaming. From Minecraft, to Mario, to Smash Bros and even Gamecube. Today we released our Mirror’s Edge Parkour POV video. Its the kind of thing that we’ve always dreamed of being able to produce, and we’re really happy to have been able to achieve it. If this video is well recieved, we would love to expand upon the idea and produce more.

We tip our hat to the amazing and talented parkour atheletes at Ampisound. Please, keep going, and try not to break your neck!

Credit: Reddit


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