Amber and her naughty teddy continue their investigation in Bear With Me Episode 2

Exordium Games has announced that the adventures of ten-year-old Amber and her partner, Ted E. Bear, will continue on February 15th with the release of Bear With Me Episode 2. In order to find clues as to the whereabouts of her missing brother, Amber must venture into the seedy heart of Paper City, with the aid of her sarcastic, wise-cracking partner, Ted. Together, the reluctant duo will tackle fresh puzzles, interrogate a new set of plush toys, and gather information on the infamous arsonist, Red Man.

Bear With Me - Official Trailer

This noir, sarcastic point-and-click adventure game launched last August, and was met with overwhelmingly positive feedback within the Steam community. Bear With Me features an atmospheric, monochromatic art style, unique and memorable characters, diverging story lines based upon the player’s actions, and a heaping dose of sarcasm, puns, and pop culture references. You can learn more about Bear With Me at our launch day review.

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