Amazon’s Labor Day Sale Begins

Amazon’s two-week long Labor Day extravaganza officially begins with both a bang and a whimper, as 2K games provides an opening salvo that includes first-person shooters ranging from Bioshock to Duke Nukem Forever.  Somewhere between the two ridesSpec Ops: The Line, the grim and surprisingly affecting game they’re practically giving away to anyone seeking an excuse to revisit Rapture.

All the deals of the day are listed right after the jump!

  • Desert to Sea Bundle – $19.99
    BioShock – $9.99
    BioShock 2 – $8.63
    Spec Ops: The Line – $24.99
  • The WTF Pack – $19.99
    Borderlands GOTY – $14.99
    The Darkness II – $9.99
    Duke Nukem Forever – $9.99
  • The Stronghold Collection – $9.99
    Stronghold 2
    Stronghold Crusader & Crusader Extreme
    Stronghold Legends
  • X-Com Collection – $3.75
    X-Com: UFO Defense
    X-Com: Terror From the Deep
    X-Com: Apocalypse
    X-Com Interceptor
    X-Com Enforcer
  • Major League Baseball 2k12 – $14.99


New deals are due to be posted every day between now and September 9th, so remember to check the Amazon Labor Day Sale page each day!



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