Tales of Symphonia Chronicles: Collector’s Edition available in 2014 for U.S.


Tales of Symphonia Chronicles is getting a collector’s edition and is coming to North America. Unfortunately, it will not be available for some time — sorry to burst your bubble. The good news, though, is that the collector’s edition is jam-packed with everything a TOSC fan could want (Maybe not everything, but close to it).

The TALES OF SYMPHONIA CHRONICLESCollector’s Edition comes packaged with an exclusive set of five Chibi Kyun Chara figurines from TALES OF SYMPHONIA and TALES OF SYMPHONIA: Dawn of the New World, a paperback novel detailing the events between both games, a multi-disc soundtrack, and special collector’s packaging with artwork from Japanese animation studio, ufotable.

Again, the collector’s edition will be coming out sometime in 2014 and is going to be priced at $99.95. Since it’s a collector’s edition, you can be sure that copies will be scarce. There is an estimated quantity of 15,000 copies that will be manufactured and distributed to participating retailers, so keep that in mind. If you have the money and must have a copy to be guaranteed, explore the link and click away. In addition, there is a video which goes into further detail about game. Check it out!



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