All Eight Max Payne 3 Winners Fail at Emphatic Facial Expressions

Anyone who thinks videogames glorify violence should take a good, hard look at what a life of slow-motion killing did to Max Payne back in the ’90s.  This is not the expression of a man who enjoys his line of work.

Sadly, this cautionary visage seems to have been forgotten by the winners of Rockstar’s “Twitter Casting Call,” all eight of whom apparently neglected to take a deep breath from a sack of mouldering kitty litter before being photographed for their in-game multiplayer models.  Ridiculous!  Where was their commitment to their roles?! 

Take a gander at the screenshots below to see how stoically the crew of Twitter winners face their grisly fates in the multiplayer arenas of Max Payne 3.  Oh, and don’t forget the limited Collector’s Edition is still available from retailers like Amazon ahead of the game’s release on May 15th.  Hopefully at least the 10″ tall Max Payne statue retains the curdling grimace that struck terror in the hearts of V-addicts all those years ago….

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