Alice & Smith announces Kickstarter for Nite Team 4, collaboration with Funcom

Canadian game studio Alice & Smith announced plans for developing Nite Team 4, a story-driven military hacking simulation game inspired by Funcom’s The Secret World, as well as plans to collaborate with Funcom. The game is slated for release on Steam in early 2017.


To expand the game’s potential, Alice & Smith launched a Kickstarter campaign which includes various stretch goals for PVP modules, player malware crafting, mission editors and more. The community will be able to influence the development process of Nite Team 4 by voting on story elements and suggesting lore and designs.

Due to ties with The Secret World, Alice & Smith will work with Funcom in order to release different events for The Secret World, as well as collaborative content for both games, such as an ARG available to communities of both titles and limited edition in-game uniforms for players of The Secret World.

Nite Team 4’s Kickstarter ends on November 5. The game is expected to come out in early 2017.

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