Alan Wake Finds Way to PC, Brings Free Collector’s Edition Content

Yes, if you’ve longed to play Remedy’s 2010 psychological thriller Alan Wake in its best high-definition glory, your patience is paying off in a big way.  Don’t wait too long to cash in, though: Steam’s free upgrade to the digital Collector’s Edition only lasts for one week!  It’s got lots of goodies, so check ’em out after the jump!

The PC version includes the original game along with the two pieces of downloadable content (The Signal and The Writer) and everything you’d expect from a PC version and more. Players will experience Alan Wake’s Pacific Northwest with higher resolutions and even higher fidelity. Players will experience the interplay between light and darkness like never before. With plenty of graphical customization options, every player can get the most out of their rig. Other refinements include a fully configurable mouse and keyboard setup as well as Microsoft gamepad support. Fan sought-after options such as field of view adjustments and “hide HUD” have also been include. Finally, the game supports multiple screens and stereoscopic 3D.

In addition to those upgrades, the Collector’s Edition comes with a 130-page .PDF book covering Clay Steward’s attempt to replicate Alan Wake’s journey, a 13-song soundtrack of music from the game, and a series of developer commentary videos which can be activated in-game for insight about the design of your current location or recent events.

Alan Wake, complete with all the Collector’s Edition content, is available through Steam for $29.99 until February 23rd when the CE will assume its normal $34.99 asking price.

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